Hey, I'm Jamie...

Hey, I'm Jamie...

I’m a full time professional wedding photographer based in Bristol with my beautiful wife Jackie and our two bouncing puppies!

I have been photographing weddings for couples for over 15 years now, I’m a well seasoned shooter. I picked up my fist DSLR camera (Nikon D70) in uni over 20 years ago while studying graphic design. I was able to control so many elements of an image with settings and lenses, the ideas started rolling and I was hooked!

Apart from being an ardent photographer, I’m an enthusiastic foodie (all kinds of foods) and just invent dishes as I go! I really get a kick out of originality, new ideas and directions. I also have a very high tolerence for heat and love hot chillies and hot sauces, it really get’s all those happy brain chemicals buzzing!

As well as enjoying the city vibe, fashion photography, edgy styles and bold confident imagery. My other main infatuation is adventuring in the great outdoors and enjoying the natural world. I love caving, wild camping, wild swimming, kayaking. I enjoy the study of mycology (geeking out over mushrooms) and will happily go out and find my own food. My wife and I have our very own beautiful slice of ancient woodland in the heart of the Ex Valley in Devon where I am currently re-wilding sections of the woodland, as well as many other outdoor projects. 

I’m pretty spontaneous which really helps with conjuring up creative photographs in the heat of the moment with couples on weddings days. As the late great Bruce Lee used to say – ‘Don’t think… Feeeel’.  

Before I stepped into wedding photography full time, I had previously run a small media company based in Taunton, Somerset providing web design, branding and print services. I had a fantastic time and I still work with many of my former customers providing photography services (and some weddings!). 

I like to think of my photography as artist expressions. I record your day in a creative and original style. I shoot beautiful, natural photographs using subject, scene and light without you ever really knowing. I like to create; to try something new, to push boundaries and to produce something different. 

Bringing characters, environments and emotions together in photographic form is something I will never tire of. 

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to meeting you!




I’m with you all day. I usually start about 3 hours before your ceremony. I stay until I have captured plenty of dance floor antics! I only leave once I have captured the full story. A typical time frame would be 10 – 12 hours.

I’d love one. It’s a fast paced, high energy day for me and a hot meal with give me that fuel I’ll need to fire on all cylinders for the rest of the day for you. Also so much nicer than some soggy sandwich and a warm drink that has been sitting in my car all day! 

If I have to travel over 2 hours I will charge for the time/travel in this case. I’ll let you know.

I take a £500 deposit to secure your date. The remainder isn’t payable until after the big day and before I start work on your photos.

It isn’t essential to have a second shooter, I photograph about 60% of weddings by myself. It is an extra luxury though and you’ll end up with more photos. Consider things like a church ceremony, where I am often limited to one position at the front. A second photographer can shoot from the back and give you a whole new perspective. 

I keep it very simple. We have a good chat at the start and I get to find out all about you both and get a feel of how to shoot for you. The only details I need after that is a list of your chosen group photos and your finalised running order. I’ll go over this with you. Simple.

I certainly can. I know so many talented, hard working people in the industry. Just let me know if you need any help.

As you’ll appreciate, I really don’t like to rush my work. I take great pride in the final set. Lead times vary from 10-12 weeks. I will of course keep you in the loop. Sometimes photos are ready sooner rather than later. I am always happy to provide a few teasers for thank you cards and for sharing.

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